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Helping Care organisations in a multitude of areas to be more effective, efficent and improve their businesses.

Here are some illustrations on how Gather can help you:

Staff Retention - Proactively manage, support and RETAIN your staff

Staff Recruitment - Demonstrate to new hires how happy your existing staff are

CQC Evidence - is collected effortlessley to demonstrate you manage and support your staff and service users.

Service Feedback - Enable service user, relatives and professionals to easily feedback on your organisation

However there is so much more Gather can help you with, here are some furthe examples

Staff surveys

Staff Assessments

Service User surveys

Peer to Peer 360 reviews 

New starter reviews

Virtual Suggestion box

Process assessment and reviews

Digital sign in book

NOK/Relatives surveys

Support Visits

Exit interviews

Onboarding assessments

Well-being surveys

Whistle blowing

Induction assessment

Observational assessment

Client Quality Assurance

Service Reviews

Evidence staff understanding of policies



E-Learning feedback

Training Workshop Assessment

Staff policy verification

 . . And More!

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