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More Than Just Surveys

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Gather Opinions From Customers, Employees, And More
- For Data Driven Decisions -
From single user to multi-unit operators 
Benchmark franchisees, locations, departments, etc.  Improve your business through knowledge share.

About Us

Paving the Way to Smarter Surveys, Feedback and Insight

Gather is continually transforming the way people approach engagement, surveys and feedback. We had a vision to transport users into a world where surveys are not only simple to use, but also made peoples lives better. Our team of experts have worked tirelessly on this vision, carefully crafting our Gather Web-App to give users what they’ve always wanted - and businesses the insight they need - to gather greater retention, and make better business decisions.

Easy For Them, Even Easier For You

Finally get the business operational insights to give you:

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Increase Retention

  • Grow Revenue


Easily become a "Data Led Organisation"

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Be pro-active not reactive with

 Real-Time Alerts straight to your inbox so no waiting on reports and dashboards

Customise your surveys to give intelligent in-depth contextual questioning when negative repsonses are given

Give it a try

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1. Create Your

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2. Build Your

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3. Socialise Your Survey

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4. View Your


Gather Features

A Highly Versatile Platform - Use It To Your Advantage

Access every submission, or quickly see the overall results statistically

Reports and Dashboard

See the analysed results instanlty, export them for further analysis


Easily collaborate as well as partition data and access rights

Powerful Features to Help You
Simple and Intuitive Interface
Tools For You
To Succeed

Create Surveys in Minutes... Gather Data in Seconds


Increased Responses


Increased Retention


Increased Data


Increased Engagement

Super Simple

See How Simple It Is
With a
Free Trial

Super Simple

Sophie Moore,

Operations Director

"It's amazingly simple and intuitive to use, whilst also being highly engaging for those submitting feedback. It's made a huge difference to our business"

What Our Clients Say

Mark Fieldhouse,

Operations Director

"The platform has truly helped us connect with our members, enabling us to easily see and demonstrate success and grow our member retention"

Rachel Van Staveren,

Managing Director

“More companies should be using this - staff retention is up and it's simple and effortless to use highly recommend .”

Trusted By Many Companies In Many Industries

The Easiest Way To Engage & Gather Insight

Simple Features to Save You Time and Gather The Results You Need

Surveys and Submissions

Access every submission, or quickly see the overall results statistically

For the Business and Teams

Easily collaborate as well as partition data and access rights

Be Instantly Informed

Create regularly used question sets AND receive email alerts on responses instantly

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